Share content seamless in the cloud: is here!

Sharing between cloud storages / services is now as easy as following a person on Twitter.

Wappwolf launches, a web service that enables users to continuously share from one place to followers anywhere. No matter what cloud storage / service these followers are using, files are being automatically pushed towards them, not requiring additional sign ups if the other party is using a different cloud storage / service. Fully seamless sharing across cloud storages / services!
Cloud storage accounted for 150m users in 2011, exploded to 500m users in 2012 (est.) and will reach 1.5b users by 2017. These services are developed as silos, i.e. sharing within the service is easy, but outsiders can only be reached by signing up for the service or by sending a link for a particular file or folder. is to files what Twitter is to people: create a Beam of files / folders and invite people to follow it. New files placed in the source folder will be pushed to all followers to a location decided by them.

  • Publishers can embed the to their blog or news stream to engage with their readers providing additional content people can follow or subscribe to.
  • Service providers are able to share their content seamlessly and push updates by integrating the on their website.
  • Teachers can push and collect assignments from their student.
  • Facebook photo albums can be shared with family members without signing up for Facebook. is based on the core technology of Wappwolf which enables task automation in the cloud by providing a unique app store with apps for file processing that can be logically connected to form a chain / flow / process.

Wappwolf's first product Wappwolf Automator attracted more than 100k users over more than 6 months and got covered extensively in the press. is the second offspring, bringing a more focused, mature product to the market. Other products will follow in due course to build a virtual file system on top of the cloud. is a unique service giving anyone the permission to share content freely. 
It changes the way how content is being shared today.
About is a product by Wappwolf and was launched end of 2012.
After the success with the Wappwolf Automator in 2012 Wappwolf decided to change the way files are being shared today. enables users to share content accross platforms enabling the users to decide to receive it the way they want.
Wappwolf is located in San Francisco, USA and backed by a number of private investors.